Advanced sorting and packing solution for dates

First-rate technology, customized to your needs

Growing demand for high quality “Majhoul” dates led to a real need for new, advanced sorting systems that can handle the fruit’s shape and the complex parameters by which it is graded. Lugo developed and manufactured a revolutionary and unique technology for “Majhoul” sorting – a technology that successfully copes with the mentioned challenges, and is recognized as a market-changer given the level of accuracy it allows the grower to reach.

Our algorithm enables the system to sort up to 5,000 Kg dates per hour, into 20 different outlets, for an efficient packaging process and a homogeneous-looking package.

The LVD sorting system combines a specially designed feeding mechanism with a revolutionary image processing technology. It was developed based on vast research and field experience, focusing on growing conditions in different areas and on market needs and demands.

Only with our LVD model, each fruit is scanned 270* perimeter, for optimal surface review and precise identification of levels of epicarp detachment size, weight, color, hydration, and other criteria.

Full flexibility – now and in the future

Our systems are modular; they easily adapt to changing volumes, fruit types, and space from a private packaging house to an industrial one. They can be expanded and tailor to every requirement, thus maximizing output and revenue according to your needs.

Each stage, from loading to packaging, is performed with surgical accuracy and efficiency. This allows consistency in the marketing of homogenous crates and improving pricing levels and profitability.

סגור חלון

Lugo – Your crop is in good hands

Tailored to meet your needs

High output level with impeccable accuracy

Intuitive and easy operation

Cost-effective: in price, output, manpower and revenue yielding

Sorting Criterion

the results are showing immediately. the processing of the crops is faster, more efficient, and the grading is simply more accurate and allows us to sell better crops at better prices

Dudu Elkayam, Beit Arava

Lugo are Excellent partners. The Machinery in top-notch, and the sorting process in now much faster. The economic implications of this are undeniably great

Itay Asael, Neot Hakikar

In terms of delicacy, Lugo Machinery has no real rivals. when you deal with massive quantity, this aspect is as important as the capacity

Kfir Levi, Naama

The technology is unmatched, for sure, but also I have never experienced such excellent customer-service. Every call is answered immediately, every question gets a detailed answer. The system is easily operated, even if machinery is not your strong-suit, and with the support you get, it is even easier.

Amichai, Timora

Working with Lugo gives me peace of mind. I know that the machines will work through high-season, I know I’ll get the best service and the best results. The system’ level of accuracy and reliability allows that. I also know that the system will increase my sorting ability. It allows me to better plan, to continue to grow and to sell more – as a farmer, it is all I need

Dudu Elkayam, "Hatseva", Israel

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