Custome based robotic packing applications

Tailored to meet your needs

High output level with impeccable accuracy

Intuitive and easy operation

Cost-effective: in price, output, manpower and revenue yielding

High output, high reliability, constant delivery

Robotic systems tailored to your needs

Lugo specializes in robotic applications for loading and packing agricultural produce. Our integrated robotic packaging solutions are designed with the agriculture-specific requirements in mind and are accompanied by application-enabling software.

Lugo robotic packaging systems bring ease of use, speed, and flexibility to help you to meet the demands of today’s food and consumer marketplace.

Lugo’s robots stand out with their customized engineering design and a superior communication interface, offering a seamless integration to the production-line.

Our robot types vary by produce and handling requirements, ranging from robots packing a single item that weigh a few grams at a rapid speed, up to Palletizer systems designed for lift hundreds of kilograms.

More for less

Lugo’s robots offer outstanding benefits in any aspect. They have a fast work-rate, high reliability in demanding environments, high workloads capacity, and competitive value-for-money proposition.

  • Cost effective
  • Application flexibility
  • Quick setting of different products
  • 24-hour shifts
  • Small form factor

the results are showing immediately. the processing of the crops is faster, more efficient, and the grading is simply more accurate and allows us to sell better crops at better prices

Dudu Elkayam, Beit Arava

Lugo are Excellent partners. The Machinery in top-notch, and the sorting process in now much faster. The economic implications of this are undeniably great

Itay Asael, Neot Hakikar

In terms of delicacy, Lugo Machinery has no real rivals. when you deal with massive quantity, this aspect is as important as the capacity

Kfir Levi, Naama

The technology is unmatched, for sure, but also I have never experienced such excellent customer-service. Every call is answered immediately, every question gets a detailed answer. The system is easily operated, even if machinery is not your strong-suit, and with the support you get, it is even easier.

Amichai, Timora

Working with Lugo gives me peace of mind. I know that the machines will work through high-season, I know I’ll get the best service and the best results. The system’ level of accuracy and reliability allows that. I also know that the system will increase my sorting ability. It allows me to better plan, to continue to grow and to sell more – as a farmer, it is all I need

Dudu Elkayam, "Hatseva", Israel

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